CO Construction & Demo, LLC


Who We Are

​CO Construction & Demo, LLC has provided residential construction and remodel services since 2013. Centrally located near Sante Fe & I-25, we are uniquely situated for easy access to locations throughout the Denver Metro area and its surrounding neighborhoods.  

What our customers are saying

They were by far one of the best contractor's we have worked with. Ernie is great at staying in touch and communicating. Everyone on his team showed up on time and cleaned up after themselves. And the quality of work for the money was outstanding.

Michelle T. -Denver, CO

Ernie and his crew did a fantastic job for us. They were dependable, professional and thorough.

Jerry & Lidia L. -Lakewood, CO 

I had them come out to tear down a carport that was falling apart and they did a fantastic job of it. I also had a problem with a family of raccoons tearing up the back of my roof. They managed to remove them. I couldn't be more pleased. Great Job! I would recommend them.

Roy G. -Aurora, CO 

Updated August 18, 2020

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Updated August 18, 2020

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Updated August 18, 2020

Hiring a remodeling contractor can be intimidating. After all, sometimes it can seem like there are as many options out there as there are horror stories. The question is, how does one sort through everything in order to find the perfect fit for your project.